PLAY BALL! One of the best things about summer, at least for me is heading to a ballpark and checking out a baseball game. I'm excited to head to Coors Field for some games this year and whether I'm soaking up some rays during a day game or enjoying a beautiful Colorado evening, I'm most excited about the food.

According to 5280, a Denver Magazine there are 4 things that you HAVE to try at Coors Field, but after checking out the menu at the ballpark for myself, I've added a couple more.

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Whether you're in the box seats, the nose bleeds, the bleachers or anywhere in between, there are plenty of options for food and beverages at Coors Field sure to please any and all taste buds because let's face it, the Rockies aren't going to be World Series contenders this year. The least we can do is enjoy ourselves with some (as I like to call it) "yummy time" at Coors Field.

Other than the obvious Rockies Dog that is a must-try at the stadium, these are a few of the other things on my "to eat list" this year.

1.Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs (Jackalope with habanero chilies)


2. Tenders from Tenders Love and Chicken

Posted by Tenders, Love, and Chicken Diner - TLC Diner on Saturday, 23 March 2019


3. Totchos

Ok, we ALL love tater tots so imagine these suckers drenched in queso, green chilies, cotija cheese stuffed inside a mini Rockies batting helmet. (Well, don't eat the helmet, that's just for decoration and a cool souvenir for after the game)

Also, check out some these delicious ways to enjoy some tots at home too.



4. Berrie Kabobs

Imagine if you will, on a hot summer day or sultry night, a stick of cool and refreshing fruit which includes strawberries, bananas, and brownie bites, all drizzled with white and milk chocolates.  YUM! (And don't even have to leave your seat)

YouTube/ Mary Farquar


5.Helton Burger

Look, I've been a baseball fan all of my life and while I've only been in Colorado for about 8 months...I am more than aware of the love for Todd Helton, who is one of the greatest baseball players to put on ANY uniform. So, obviously...I HAVE to try a Helton Burger...with the works please.


So lets break out that Rockies gear, grab some friends and enjoy some baseball because...we can!

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