If you're like me, you watch the "Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead" religiously. It's made me think-- where would I go if the apocalypse hit Colorado?

With the Rocky Mountains only a short distance from all of us in Northern Colorado, that would be the most logical place to head to. Everyone follows logic, though, meaning much of the population would head that way.

So would it really be that much safer?

And what if you couldn't make your way out of Fort Collins, Loveland, or Greeley and needed to find shelter quick?

Well, we are here to help in the case the zombie apocalypse ever hit our beautiful part of the country and we all turned into cannibals without knowing it.

Here are the ten places in Northern Colorado we think no one, not even a zombie, would ever step foot into...or places we think offer the best protection in the event that what you see on AMC every Sunday night became a reality.

What other locations would you add to this list?




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