Loveland’s Chilson Senior Center only has two fundraisers each year. The first one for 2017 is coming up in April; and if you like to grow plants, you can really help them out!


Loveland’s Chilson Senior Center does a great job of helping seniors stay active, both physically and mentally, throughout the year. They have day trips, dances, singing clubs, card game days.. many, many activities. To help fund these various programs, they hold two fundraising events each year. The Harvest Bazaar happens in the fall, and the big Pancake Breakfast and Plant Sale happens in the spring. This year, the Pancake Breakfast and Plant Sale will be April 22.

They are looking for folks to donate plants for the sale beginning April 19. Indoor/outdoor plants, seedlings, cuttings, bulbs. If it has to with plants, they want to sell it!  It sounds like they have plenty of pancake supply, so get your green thumb out, or maybe stop by the store on your way to the Chilson Center, and donate some green!

You can call them for more information at 970-962-2783

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