They’ve been doing the tradition for over 40 years. The Valentine hearts that are hung on the streetlights throughout Loveland. They sell out; if you have something to say, you better get online, quick!

Loveland Rotary Heart
Dave Jensen, TSM

I’ve only bought ONE of the wooden hearts that Loveland hangs each year; I remember like it was yesterday- she broke up with me before she even saw it. Wait, no- It was is BECAUSE she saw my proclamation of love, as I now recall. She had to rip my love off like a Band-Aid. Cue the Charlie Brown music….

Loveland’s Thompson Valley Rotary Club will once again be getting the hundreds of 'Sweetheart City Hearts' made up (with the help of local students) and using the garnered funds for their project that help local youth and youth around the world. The hearts currently cost $50, which comes out to be $2 per character, as there is a 25 character limit. Twitter gives you 40 characters, love shouldn’t take that many, right?

The deadline for purchasing a heart is January 25, 2018. When I ‘purchased’ my heart (you’re really RENTING the heart- you don’t get to keep it), you had to go in and fill out a form. It was kind of embarrassing. Today, you get to do it all online! I hate to think what I would have requested be put on ‘my’ heart if I didn’t have to look a stranger in the eye after they read it for approval!  I think I just said something innocent like ‘Dave + ____.’

The TV Rotary Club has been in charge of the project for 25 out of the 40 years that the Loveland tradition has been going on. Imagine in those 40 years, how many messages have been hung up, using how much red and white paint? It boggles the mind.

Just like love.

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