Hooters: the cheapest and maybe best post-breakup therapy you'll ever get. And it comes with BOGO wings. 

Free boneless wings on a boneless Valentine's Day. Too far? Hooters is helping you get over your ex by giving you the opportunity to not spend the holiday alone.

This Friday, Hooters is inviting you to your local restaurant, which you only go to for the wings anyway, to destroy a photo of your ex in exchange for ten free boneless wings when you buy any ten.

You can shred a physical photo of your ex, but if you don't have one because it's 2020 and they all live on your phone, you can virtually shred your ex as well (which I would imagine isn't quite as cathartic, but will do).

I went to Hooters' website, and took the quiz. I had to rank my breakup from 'Khloe and Tristan' to 'Prince Harry and the Royal Family' (mine was no 'Miley and Liam,' but I chose it any way), and I was given the option to upload a pic to shred.

You can do it here, or you can shred IRL at Hooters of Loveland at Thunder Mountain.

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