Wow. That’s a lot of tomatoes, yo.  Will you be checking out Windsor’s Farmer’s Market under the new, fancy pavilion?

It was budgeted for roughly $318,000. All the bids came in way over that. There wasn’t a whole lot the Town of Windsor could do, so the project ended up costing $60,000 more.

A $380,000 pavilion. Heck, let’s just call it a $400,000 pavilion.

The pavilion made its grand debut on June 28, 2017, with the first Farmer’s Market of the summer. Those will run every Thursday from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. through September.

It's nice! Especially with the statue they nstalled! The pavilion is just like the band shell down by the lake. Which, come to think of it, adds to the quandary: If the Town knew how much the band shell was to construct ($200,000), how did they miss the budget on the pavilion?

Oh well.. The Town of Windsor deserves nice things. Cost be damned!

[Source: WindsorNow]

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