Imagine being in beautiful Steamboat Springs this summer with dozens of hot air balloons. It sounds fantastic. It’s their 36th annual event, so you know it’s going to be well-executed as well as magical.

This sounds epic! Get the family and all of your camera equipment up to Steamboat Springs the second weekend of July 2017 for their 36th annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo at Bald Eagle Lake. Get up early both that Saturday and Sunday to see the balloons launch in the crisp mountain air! On Saturday morning, they’ll also be having the ‘rodeo’, which is where the balloon pilots dip their balloons in the lake! I can’t even imagine what that’s like!

On Saturday night that weekend, they’ll have an awesome ‘balloon glow’! I wonder how many proposals have happened on a warm Saturday night in Steamboat while taking in that glow! With all the great patios around Steamboat, a great seat shouldn’t be hard to find!

Going to Steamboat during winter always sounds crazy to me; this sounds like an event I'd travel to, for sure!

Get more on the event - HERE

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