Let me start by saying I love the friendly, upbeat energy at Dutch Bros.

I love that they play music inside for their staff and the drinks are always made correctly and quickly.

To be a "Broista" at Dutch Bros, you must share their "core values." The website lists those as speed, quality and service. For service, they say, "We aim to deliver an experience that leaves everyone stoked."

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Is that what I feel when I go to Dutch Bros? "Stoked"?

Here's the deal: I love good customer service. There is a serious lack of it everywhere else you go. But when a Dutch Bros Broista leans into my car window and enthusiastically asks me questions about myself, I freeze. Should I actually answer this young, happy, unstressed person with an honest answer? No, of course not.

Although it would be fun to watch their fresh, unsuspecting eyes as I tell them what I'm really doing after I grab a coffee, I usually opt for "errands" or "not much."

As a working mom of three kids, who for some reason has endured a lot of painful hardships the last few years, being honest to a friendly teenager just seems cruel.

I envy the fun, carefree Broista.

Thanks, Dutch Bros; I'm stoked to lie to you.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash
Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Working at Dutch Bros has other perks besides being overly upbeat and cool. They offer an education benefit program, paid volunteer hours, and more.

Fort Collins internet celebrity Dude Dad made a great video about Dutch Bros Broistas.

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