Downtown Loveland's upcoming Metrolux Theater in The Foundry is slated to open in the spring of 2019 A .50 charge will be attached to each movie ticket. Why?

It'll be fun to see first-run movies again in Downtown Loveland once the new Metrolux opens. I live downtown, so it will be just a short walk for me to see a flick.  One thing I didn't know until recently is that there'll be an additional .50 charge on each ticket there.

That money will be going towards maintenance of The Foundry's parking garage. The five-level public garage will have about 450 free parking spaces.

It does kind of present a problem- I understand that the garage needs the money to be maintained, but if I'm not parking in it, why do I have to pay the extra .50? Down the line, the city may charge to park in the garage. If that becomes the case, they say that movie-goers won't be double-charged; so, that's good.

I guess my having to pay and extra .50 for each movie is all a part of bringing life back to southern Downtown Loveland!

Get more on The Foundry's parking garage 'fee or no-fee' story from the Reporter-Herald HERE!

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