Waiting your turn. It seems like the simplest of things that we learn when we are toddlers. That's also when as a parent, can be a difficult thing to teach a child because it's all about them. But eventually, with patience and persistence, you hopefully have that situation nipped in the bud by the time they go to school or shortly thereafter.

By the time we get our driver's license, one would hope to have those lessons in place and be second nature because when you're driving a vehicle, knowing how to take turns is a very important thing.

Apparently, we Coloradans need a little refresher in the "taking turns" department and yielding to others.

I get it though. We all have places to go, people to see, work to do and families to attend to. And there are only so many minutes in a day to accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished.

However, this is something that according to Colorado State Patrol officers, we need to do a better job of because it can get downright dangerous out there if people are only looking out for themselves.

CSP investigated roughly 8,000 crashes caused by drivers not yielding the right of way during the past four years. Those crashes killed 60 and injured 2,000 more, and over 60% of those failure-to-yield collisions happened at intersections.

Colorado State Patrol
Colorado State Patrol

Just in case you or someone you know needs a little refresher on how four-way stops work, check these out.

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