Traveling has to be my favorite thing to do. Seeing and exploring new places is a passion of mine. I've lost count of the number of flights I've taken in and out of not only D.I.A. , but also Colorado Springs and NoCo.

No matter what, the turbulence are always more severe here than other airports.

Well if you have ever wondered why, here is your answer.

The thing that makes our state the most beautiful to live in is also the reason our plane rides are bumpier than most.  Purple Mountains Majesty. They are called Mountain Waves. The United States Federal Aviation Association said:

“When the wind speed is above about 25 knots and flowing perpendicular to the ridgelines, the airflow can form waves, much like water flowing over rocks in a stream bed. The waves form downwind from the ridgeline and will be composed of very strong up and downdrafts, plus dangerous rotor action under the crests of the waves."

You can read more about Mountain Waves and turbulence in this article on the Our Community Now website. However, whether you are deathly afraid of flying or love it, fly for business every week or have only ever been on a plane once, please know this...turbulence has never ever taken a plane down before.

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