You'd think it would be obvious which team Tim Tebow is pulling for on Super Bowl Sunday. The answer may surprise you, though.

Tim Tebow revealed on the Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday that, despite being dumped by the Broncos for Peyton Manning, he's rooting for our boys in orange and blue.

"Well, I used to play for the Broncos, so I'm kinda partial, rooting for them. But at the same time, I used to play with Cam Newton when I was at Florida, so I hope he has a great game," he told Degeneres. "But, probably pulling for the Broncos, I guess."

Tebow also believes this could be Peyton Manning's last rodeo.

"I've been friends with all those guys. You know, Peyton, his career, to be able to see the sheriff finish off his career the right'd be pretty fun," he told Degeneres.

"You think this is his last game?" she asked.

"If he wins, yes," Tebow said with a laugh.

Watch Tim Tebow's interview with Ellen Degeneres below.