Unfortunately, the start of 2017 will also mean the end to the Denver Broncos 2016 season. That also means the last time we see some members of the organization.

It was a season that started out with so much promise, but ended with disappointing losses to the Tennessee Titans, New England Patriots, and Kansas City Chiefs that put the final nail in the coffin for the defending world champions.

Ultimately, the question that every Broncos fan is asking and the organization should be asking as well is, who's fault is it?

Does it fall on John Elway for not loading the team up after some key losses in the offseason?

How much of the blame does Gary Kubiak have at his fingertips, especially after reports of in-fighting towards the end?

And which players should be standing up for not carrying their end of the bargain?

No matter how you look at it, there's a good chance that the Broncos you saw on the field this year will look much different when training camp opens up in the summer of 2017. But out of everyone that will take the field one last time this weekend, who is most likely to not be with the team in 2017?

Here are five members of the organization who we think have the highest probability of not being with the team, and then place your vote for who you think will be wearing a different logo next season!


  • 1

    Trevor Siemian - Quarterback

    When it comes down to it, Trevor Siemian actually had a decent 2016 campaign at quarterback. Especially when you add in how he took over for a future hall of famer in Peyton Manning and had that "monkey on his back". His statistics definitely could've been better, but when the offensive line had as many struggles as this one did, it's tough to put up amazing numbers each week. With the rumors flying around the NFL that Tony Romo would love to play in Denver, could that mean that Siemian's starting career in the Mile High City only lasts one season?

    Credit: Reed Hoffmann / Getty Images
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    Gary Kubiak

    The question on a few people's minds (including myself) going into this season was if Kubiak could win without Peyton Manning. The answer this season is NO, and you have to wonder about the future as well. The conversations throughout many circles is that Kubiak is a great offensive coordinator, but that it doesn't always transcend to being a great head coach. Let's look at his time in Houston as an example. Plus, with the health questions that popped up this season, is it time that he walked away while he still has his health?

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    Wade Phillips

    The same question marks concerning Gary Kubiak as a head coach can also be said of Wade Phillips. One of the best defensive coordinators of all time, but not one of the best head coaches. However, would that stop another team from taking a flyer on him when the season is all done? Buffalo is looking for a new head coach, and the last time they made it to the playoffs was when Phillips lead the team. Could they be looking at him again?

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    Aqib Talib

    When the Broncos signed Talib a couple of seasons ago, it bolstered the defense and added another anchor to make them the best the NFL has seen in quite a while. But has Talib wore out his welcome in the Mile High City? Quite possibly. He will cost the Broncos $12 million in 2017 and he is "over the hill" in NFL terms as he surpasses his 30th birthday next year. Even though he has been a pillar of defense in his time here, will it soon come to an end?

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    Paxton Lynch

    Yes, I wrote that right. Paxton Lynch. If the Broncos decide to move away from Siemian and sign a veteran quarterback to start for the team in 2017 (Romo?), then doesn't that signal that the Broncos wasted a first round pick on Lynch? And let's face it, in the minor amount of time he played this season he looked completely lost and underthrew many passes. He could definitely use another season to work under a mentor, but do the Broncos have the patience to wait?

    Credit: Justin Edmonds / Getty Images