It's one of the nation's biggest pastimes: Sitting around and watching the 'boob tube.'  A recent study points out just how much (or little) Coloradans watch per day.

When you think of all the great shows that are out there, it's hard to imagine NOT being in front of the TV.  Currently, I am a big fan of watching 'Good Girls' on NBC and 'Russian Doll' on Netflix. Good stuff.

A recent study done by Verizon took a look at how much TV each state watches every day, and what it is they like the most. They looked at the 2017 American Time Use Study and then at search data from Google Trends.

In that study, Colorado ended up on the list of Top 10 States That Watch the Least TV. Whoo hoo! We're not lazy slobs!  Colorado ranked 5th on that list having watched 2 hours, 28 minutes and 22 seconds of TV per day. Utah was #1 on the list of 'watching the least TV', at just over 2 hours and 13 minutes.

Coloradans like 'NEWS' the most, according to the study.

The state that watches the MOST TV? West Virginia with just over 4 /12 hours per day - they seem to enjoy soap operas the most.

Get more on the study HERE.

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