I never really wore a watch.

For about 4 years, I wore a diver's watch that was absolutely huge. It was a present from my parents and I loved it. Then, rough housing one day, I ripped the band off, and I never replaced it.

Now, I think I might want one again. Apple has unveiled the Apple Watch, and it is very high on the list of items that could become the next big thing.

The question is, will you buy one?

And if you want to, where can you go in Fort Collins to do that?

I called around to a few places, but no one can confirm if or when they might have them.

Simply Mac Fort Collins on Harmony probably will carry it but might not have pre-ordering.

Mac Shack in Fort Collins wasn't sure if they'd have it or not.

Best Buy said they've heard no announcement, but said that April 24 is when they ship to retailers, so the best advice is to call around to local retailers the week before that, unless you want to order online.


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