Yes, the news of the new iPad3 is everywhere because it went on sale today.  Apple says it's got a dramatically better display, an improved camera and faster processing.  My fellow deejay and blogger, Kevin Mussman, brought us the early reviews yesterday.   Believe it or not, the folks over at went all the way to Australia to take advantage of the 17-hour time difference and be one of the first people to get their hands on the new Apple device.

Tearing Down the New iPad3

What's the first thing they did with their new iPad3?  Take pics with the improved camera?  Watch movies on the incredible new Retina display?  Nope!  They tore it apart to look at all the new parts inside.  "It's mostly just a big new battery" was their first reaction, but click here to check-out their four-page spread of exclusive pics of the guts of the new iPad3.  It's fascinating.

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