The rumors have been all over the internet about Apple possibly releasing the iPhone 5, but is it just a rumor or is there some information that might lead one to believe the iPhone 5 is really on the way soon? I found this on

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The internet has swirled with speculation in recent weeks about a release date for Apple's iPhone 5, and even whether the company will update its iconic smartphone at all this year.

Now, the most tenuous of news reports has ramped the talk up again.

A South Korean news site reported this week that Apple plans to release the phone in the fourth week of June. According to a translation by the MacRumors site, reported that "Apple has confirmed" that time frame.

There are a few problems here:

It seems highly unlikely that the typically tight-lipped Apple would have confirmed a release date. The report also says the phone will be released in South Korea the same day it goes on sale in the United States.

Possible. But, for comparison's sake, the iPhone 4 was released there about three months after its U.S. debut.

Do you believe the iPhone 5 will be here in the next couple of months or is it just a rumor?

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