Raiders! Suck!  It’s fun to dislike the Raiders, isn’t it? You get all fired up just at the site of them! Throwing potato chips at the TV—‘Boooo! Raiders!!’ When will the Broncos be taking them on?

Oakland Raiders
Donald Mirrel, Getty Images

The Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders have been rivals forever. Remember when Lyle Alzado played for the Raiders? Oh man, they were so mean!  I always like knowing when exactly the Broncos will be (hopefully) destroying those guys! This coming season they’ll play twice in the regular season.

The first meeting will be Sunday, Oct 1, 2017, as the Raiders come to Mile High.  Excellent. Kick their butts at home! That would be a very fun game to be at – anybody got tickets?

The second matchup will be when the Broncos travel to the Oakland-Alameda Stadium on Sunday, November 26, 2017, to embarrass those guys on their own turf! Thanksgiving leftovers and beating the Raiders! Sounds like a pretty pleasant Sunday, does it not? Booo! Raiders!!

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