We all know that a night out in Old Town Fort Collins can be filled with many random occurrences, and multiple interactions with strangers. However, nothing has surprised me more than the wizards. 

The first time you see the wizards of Old Town, it may come as a pleasant shock. Generally if someone walked up to me with a wizard outfit on, I would be speechless; however after enjoying a few drinks at the local bars, my excitement was clearly evident. Without hesitation the man in the colorful robe pulls out a deck of cards, and starts performing magic tricks for my friends and I. While I have seen plenty of street performances throughout Old Town, this one stood out to me the most. There's something about a person dressed as a wizard doing magic tricks that can turn a regular night out into something more spectacular.

For anybody who has never seen the wizards in Old Town, they can generally be found Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays in the main bar square of Old Town. Generally they will walk up and simply ask if you would like to see some magic tricks. Between cracking jokes and dealing with any hecklers, I can say that they put together a pretty spectacular magic show. While simple, you can never tell how they pulled off their tricks. 

If you enjoy nights out in Old Town, I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for the man in the pointy hat. It is a sure way to brighten up your night and leave with a fun story.

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