‘What are those things going to be?’ I said to myself recently, as I drove by North Lake Park in Loveland. They don’t seem to be a part of the park, but they aren’t street lights either. I thought a lot of other people might be curious too, so I called around, and got the answer!

North Lake Pedestal 1c
Dave Jensen, TSM

I can see where you might drive right past them, but they sure caught MY eye. Over at North Lake Park in Loveland, there are these two ‘pedestals’ being constructed. They’re pretty big, so I figure they must be going to hold something up. But ‘what?’ was the question.

I got a hold of Cindy Mackin at the City of Loveland. Cindy is the Visitors Services Manager for the city, and she gave me the scoop!  Those two pedestals are going to be 2 of 14 new ‘way-finder’ signs that are going up around Loveland. Some will be smaller, some will be big- like the ones by North Lake Park. The ones there will be large ones, helping folks find their way to Benson Sculpture Garden.  In the end, these two signs will have brick around them, and possibly lights!

This is Phase 2 of the [Way-finder] project, helping visitors get around Loveland to see the sights easier. The money for the project came from the city’s lodging tax.


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