Now here’s a great idea that gets better, the more you hear about it! This is going to be a great spot for great food on the least favorite day of the week! Let’s go get our food on!

Food Truck

I would have loved to be on the committee that put this together because it’s such a great idea. A weekly food truck rally in Loveland, just like Fort Collins has been doing for a couple of years. Only, we’ll have it on MONDAY! Boom! ‘Monday’s suck, let’s go to the food truck rally!’ It’s BRILLIANT!

The Loveland Food Truck Rally will take place on Mondays, at North Lake Park. That location is another great idea; because not only do you have a great setting, but I can see where a lot of seniors that live in that area being able to take advantage- it’s not like having to trek down to Fairgrounds Park, or Downtown.

Plus, with Benson Sculpture Garden being right there as well, you can grab some great food and walk along and check out the sculptures!  This is going to be good.

It starts Monday, August 7, going through September 18, 2017, from 5 pm until Dusk.

One thing to keep in mind, don’t plan on hitting the food truck rally and then maybe taking a ride on the Buckhorn Northern Railroad- that sucker doesn’t run on Mondays. Boooo…

[Source: Coloradoan]

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