Maybe you've attended Denver Comic Con, or Fort Collins Comic Con, or Estes Park Comic Con. Next time you go to one, you'll probably see a new name.

San Diego Comic Con was the first of such events, where fans gather with stars of their favorite shows/movies. These events have spread across the nation, including Colorado. Thing is, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) hasn't really signed off on everybody naming their events 'Comic Cons.'

SDCC recently won a lawsuit they had against the Salt Lake City Comic Con. In the end, the judge agreed that Salt Lake City was infringing on San Diego Comic Con's name. The Salt Lake City event had already changed its name to save the hassle, to 'Salt Lake Fan X Comic Convention.'  San Diego doesn't own the words 'Comic' nor 'Convention,' so that name is OK to use.

There are/were a bunch of other similar lawsuits against other conventions that were waiting to see how this Salt Lake one turned out. Looks like they'll all be changing their names- including the ones in Colorado, such as Fort Collins Comic Con.

What will they go with? FoCo Comic Xtravaganza? The Choice City Fan Fest? It really won't make a difference when it comes to what happens at, and who attends, the conventions, but is a geek-bummer that they won't be called Comic Cons anymore.

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