There are  few weeks of summer left. Just time enough to really soak up some sun, take that last dip in a natural body of water, or take advantage of a somewhat long day. So much left to do, so little time.

Here are the things on my summer bucket list that I must do before the days are too short and the weather is too cold.

Motorcycle ride through Rocky Mountain National Park

Any trip through RMNP is special. And we could hardly have easier access to it. This is the point of origin for the water for much of the western United States. The elk are bugling. Hike the quick trail to the peak of Fall River Pass, and we are literally on top of the world. Take lots of pictures!

Dinner on my favorite patio

While the climate in Colorado is pretty excellent, if the patio of our favorite restaurant is in the shade, it may be too cold to really enjoy the meal. Not a problem in this hot summer. I want to watch the world go by from my seat in Old Town. I'll either have the Carne Asada at Pueblo Viejo, the Chicken Steve at the Steakout, or a build-my-own-burger at Stuft Burger Bar. Where is your favorite patio?

Climb to the top of Horsetooth Rock

The natives believed Horsetooth Rock was the heart of an evil giant that was split by their savior. Any way you cut it, the area has magic. That becomes very clear when we arrive. The trek to the top of Horsetooth does require some scrambling and minor bouldering, but the round trip is only about 5 miles. Not bad, especially considering the payoff.

Enjoy free recreation offered by the City

The parks in Fort Collins are pristine, well-planned and waiting for your visit. Fish from the gazebo in City Park, or watch Medieval reenactments. Play tennis at Lee Martinez. Shoot hoops at Rogers Park. Walk from Rolland Moore Park to College Ave on Spring Creek Trail and grab an ice cream. Or you can roll that route, as the trails are paved, smooth and wheelchair accessible. Poudre Trail runs all along the Poudre River from the Environmental Learning Center to the town of Laporte.

There are so many things to do in the remaining moments of summer. What is on your 'Summer Bucket List?