Summertime in Colorado means warm temps and fun outdoor activities. While the summer weather's intensity will change depending on which part of the state you are in, all four corners of Colorado are a fun place to be from May to October.

Summer in the plains of eastern Colorado is much different than summers in Aspen. Summers in the high desert of Colorado's western slope can often be warmer and dryer than along the Front Range. Let's take a closer look at summer in Colorado.

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What is Summer Like in Colorado?

The eastern Colorado plains and the high desert of the state's western slope are the two hottest places you can visit in the state during the summer months. It is not uncommon to see near triple-digit heat in these areas throughout the summer. The rest of the state will usually average between 78.1°F to 93.9°F. Summer weather in Colorado is usually in place from mid-June to early September. Summer temps in the 90s happen all over the state. Cooler temps can be found at higher elevations.

How Much Rain Does Colorado Get Each Summer?

Colorado's severe thunderstorms happen more frequently on the eastern plains in the spring and summer. The statewide average for precipitation is around 17-inches each year. In the higher elevations, this number can be closer to 30 inches of precipitation. On average the Front Range will see more rain than southern or western colorado. It's moisture from the Pacific and the Subtropic Pacific that brings most of the rain to the western slope, while Gulf and Subtropical Atlantic moisture feeds the eastern plains.

What is Colorado's Hottest Month?

July and August are the hottest months of the year in Colorado. It's the season when several parts of the state can see temps in the upper 90s for several days in a row. While the warm summer temps start in mid-June, July ends up with some of the highest temperatures and warmest conditions. For cooler temps in the summer months head for higher elevations that come with incredible views. Enjoy the summer!

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