The Weld County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about an uptick in motor vehicle thefts, and are reminding the public to stay vigilant and look out for any suspicious activity in the area.

Recently, the sheriff's office has responded to multiple reports of motor vehicle and ATV thefts south of Weld County Road 22 between U.S. 85 and Interstate 76. Police say the most active location for these thefts is northeast of the Aristocrat Ranchettes subdivision and west of Weld 39. The vehicles and ATVs are generally being stolen during the night, and many are being taken from storage locations.

In addition, several ATVs have also been stolen from a storage lot in the 4000 block of Camelot Circle in Longmont. In February and March, five ATVs and three trailers were taken from this location. According to police, evidence suggests that the suspect or suspects scouted this particular lot prior to stealing the vehicles. The suspect vehicles for these crimes include a possible 2010-2014 black Jeep Cherokee Limited, a possible maroon 2003-2004 Lincoln Town Car and a possible 2010-2014 maroon GMC diesel pickup with a 4x4 sticker on the back side of the bed.

The sheriff's office is asking anyone who sees something or someone suspicious to try and get a good description of the person(s) and vehicles, including a license plate, if possible. They are also reminding residents to make sure their property is secured.

Anyone with information about the suspect vehicles in this string of thefts or similar cases, is asked to contact Deputy Mathew Rosten at (970) 400-2875 or

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