Two suspects were taken into custody last week for operating a Craigslist scam in Weld County.

According to KUSA-TV, Nicholas Leihy, 24, posted a Craigslist ad requesting help in removing and transporting scrap metal items from a property in unincorporated Weld County, in exchange for a portion of money received from a salvage yard for the items.

The property nor the scrap metal belonged to him, and he did not have permission to remove the items.

One man responded to the ad, not knowing Leihy was acting illegally.

Leihy was caught and charged with burglary and theft. The man who responded to the ad was not criminally charged, reports KUSA-TV.

The other suspect taken into custody has not been identified.

Unfortunately, Craigslist scams occur frequently and can happen to anyone. According to Craigslist, dealing face-to-face will help you avoid 99% of scam attempts. Check out other tips to avoid scams from the site HERE.