Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment Director Mark Wallace called JBS USA "a significant hotspot" for the virus in a county with one of the highest infection rates in the state, according to The Denver Channel.

Employees and family members have publicly expressed concerns with the COVID-19 protocol at JBS beef packing plant in Greeley.

Citing that the company did not tell employees about positive COVID-19 cases among staffers, offering a hefty bonus for those who do come to work and not implementing social distancing practices.

Weld county has the 4th highest rate of COVID-19 cases in Colorado.

There are 28 confirmed positive cases at JBS with more cases suspected, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7. The company is currently under investigation.

JBS said in a statement that it shared the goals of the county’s health department, according to The Denver Channel.

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