I think we’re still a few years away from pretending to be Sherlock Holmes on the Enterprise's holodeck, but The Summit’s new virtual reality games are a great start.

The Summit in Windsor gave a few of us radio DJs the opportunity to check out their new Holocube. You know DJs-- if it means getting out of the building for some free fun, we’re in!

The Holocube is made up of four virtual reality (VR) games blocked together to form a cube. There’s one that’s just like that Fruit Ninja game on your phone; one that has you as a sniper, another that’s a first-person-shooter game (that one reminded me of DOOM). The last game, the one that I tried, is Space Pirate.

Man oh man, it was fun!  I felt just like Star Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy) on a distant planet taking on invaders while I tried to get the treasures. You have a paddle in each of your hands, and through the VR goggles, they become your laser pistols. But, by reaching over your individual shoulders, you can switch the pistols out to become either a shield or a laser lasso. I played for about 10 minutes – playing three rounds. I did not do well at all. Janitor of the Galaxy is the best that I can now hope for.

It’s fun to watch people doing the VR games as well, as they have a screen showing you what the player is seeing. You get to see that AND your friend dodging around like a goofball. Free fun, right there.

I definitely want to go back and try Space Pirate again and maybe that DOOM one.  I always loved DOOM, and to do it VR style would probably knock my socks off!

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