It must have been a slow Monday evening for those who had the time to gather in a Sprouts Farmers Market in Greeley, some showing off the guns they'd brought to protest the store's mask requirements.

Sprouts has a policy (like the majority of businesses in Greeley, Colorado and the nation) that you have to be wearing a mask when you're in their stores. But this week, protesters figured that Sprouts was as good of a place as any to protest this ordinance, all while not doing so.

According to Fox31 Denver, upwards of 50 people showed up at the Sprouts off of Highway 34 and 47th Avenue on Monday, March 8, 2021, at around 6 p.m. Participants called it a 'Mask-Off Stand-Off' and filmed the conflict for YouTube.

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Mask protesters must really have a thing about 'all-natural' kinds of stores. In February of 2021, a bunch of anti-maskers held a similar 'flash-mob' protest at a Natural Grocers in Lakewood.

And yet, the choice of these two stores seems so surprising to me. I can only imagine how the shoppers felt: "The last thing I want is a confrontation when trying to purchase bulk coffee, Bob." But that's probably why groups like these go to these stores: to scare people.

But if creating anxiety is the goal, I'm genuinely curious what the planning process for this protest was. Did it run along the lines of "Let's scare the sheeple! They're so afraid of this 'scamdemic'... Well, WE'LL give 'em something to be scared of! See how they like their pasture-raised eggs now.'

In the video, you can see the police showing up and getting the mob to move outside the store, where they continue to make fun of people who wear masks.

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