What could be more fun than combining Fort Collins' love of craft beer than combining it with America's favorite game show? We've done just that, give it a shot.

You've love to play "Wheel of Fortune" at home, we have the chance to play right now with your knowledge of the breweries in Fort Collins. You may want to have one of their delicious beers in front of you, while you do.


There are (at this writing) 25 breweries in Fort Collins, and we've taken their names and created 25 games of "Wheel of Fortune" with them. This may not be as easy as most people might think. Taking some of the letters away can really change how something reads; maybe you have the intellect to go 25-0.

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"Wheel of Fortune" first aired in 1975 and has been a smash, ever since. Pat Sajak has hosted the game show since 1981, with the lovely Vanna White joining the show in 1982.

Hundreds of thousands of contestants have been on the show; more than a few have looked pretty silly by not knowing a puzzle's answer and nearly breaking the internet. Funny, how when the show first began, the word "internet" would not have even have been in a puzzle at all.


With 25 breweries in Fort Collins, that's a lot of vowels you'd be buying, so we went ahead and filled in some of the spaces for you. By no means are these puzzles "very hard," but you should find the game very fun.

Here we go:

*The puzzle's game # will be under its puzzle.

Wheel of Fortune - Fort Collins Breweries - QUESTIONS

Have fun guessing what these Fort Collins breweries are with the classic game!

Wheel of Fortune - Fort Collins Breweries - ANSWERS

How did you do? Let's find out!

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