Sure, you can get lost in a corn maze. But these parents seem to have lost their minds; leaving their little boy and not noticing until the next day!

Fall Corn Field

It’s the time of year for corn mazes. They’re a ton of fun! Cider, games, maybe you take a pumpkin home! The other day in Utah, these parents may have taken a pumpkin home, but they forgot one of their kids!

It happened on Monday (October 9, 2017), in West Jordan, Utah, about 90 minutes south of Salt Lake City. The parents were part of what sounds like a large group attending the Crazy Corn Maze. It’s not clear when that group left the maze, but they did indeed not leave with everyone they came with.

Close to 7:45 p.m. that night, a patron of the maze found the little boy lost, scared and alone in the maze. Staffers called out with bullhorns to alert his parents, but nobody came forward. The place emptied, but still no parents.

An off-duty police officer took the boy to the Division of Child and Family Services. The next morning, 12 hours later, the parents called the police about their lost boy and they were reunited with the child.

Authorities are still looking into the case, at this time. On the bright side, it really could have gone the wrong way.

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