On the bright side, it hasn't been needed. But it is costing more than a few dollars per day for the state to rent facilities at The Ranch.

I'd heard that the Colorado Convention Center's field hospital for COVID-19 is costing $60,000 per day, and reached out to find out how much Loveland's is costing.

Micki Trost, the spokesperson for the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. told me, via email, that Colorado is paying Larimer County this much:

  • Daily Rental Rate: 13 cents per rentable square foot (189,000 square feet is being rented)
  • Daily Rent: $24,570 ($.13 x 189,000 sq. feet)
  • Monthly Rent: $737,100 ($24,750 x 30 days) or $761,670 ($24,670 x 31 days)

I wish I knew more about commercial real estate, because though $737,000 per month sounds like a lot, thirteen cents per square foot seems reasonable.

The field hospital at The Ranch is currently set to accommodate 200 beds but can expand to 1,600 if necessary.

The lease started May 1, 2020, and goes through January 15, 2021.

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