There was no need for a cotton ball and pressure when I got my Covid 19 vaccinations at Sam's Club in Evans. Why? Because the nurse used a cool new type of bandage specifically for injections.

The round adhesive is called the "Inject-Safe Barrier Bandage". Before the nurse opens the needle, they stick a round pool floaty-like bandage on your upper arm muscle. The needle goes right through the thinner middle part. That's it. You are bandaged before the shot. Genius!!! Of course, my husband is convinced that a microscopic piece of bandage surely must be thrust into your muscle. That is yet to be proven.

Band-Aid is a brand. A brand that has been providing bandages since 1920. The first ones were handmade. A Johnson and Johnson employee created them for his wife who often burned and cut herself while cooking.

This new bandage is made by Inject-Safe. They say "when the needle is removed, the Inject-Safe™ Barrier Bandage self seals and protects both the patient and healthcare provider from possible exposure to blood from the injection site".

I didn't need a new bandage in my life, but it is a cool technology and it definitily makes sense for both parties.

If you are still looking to get your Covid vaccine, here is a great link to several places that you do not need an appointment.

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