What's for dinner? How about snake tacos? No?

Researchers suspect that the coronavirus resulted from human contact with snakes, and two in particular: the many-banded krait and the Chinese cobra.

Many researchers aren't convinced of this, including snake venom expert and professor of biology at the University of Northern Colorado Steve Mackessy.

“Snakes can be reservoirs for different diseases,” said Mackessy. “To say there may be a link between human consumption of snakes and the transfer of the coronavirus is certainly in the realm of possibility, but it hasn’t been definitively demonstrated at this point.”

“There is evidence of some viruses spreading via mosquito bites that may reside dormant in a snake,” Mackessy said. “If a mosquito feeds on a snake, and then a human, the virus could be transmitted; however, most of these scenarios are possible but not probable.”

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