Just another reason to be grumpy about Mother Nature's grip on the Rockies. Though bikes and pedestrians will be able to access parts of the road, vehicles are out.

Rocky Mountain National Park issued a press release today (May 22, 2019) about how they won't have Trail Ridge Road open for the holiday weekend, due to... weather. Always the weather, right?

They're still getting a lot of snow up there, it's windy, and the temperatures have been below zero, so they just won't be able to get it cleared for vehicles in time for Memorial Day Weekend. They're not sure at all WHEN they'll get it cleared, but they're working as quickly as the weather permits.

The press release states that the latest that the road has opened was June 26- back in 1943. The latest that it has opened in recent history was June 6 in 2011.

Pedestrians and those on bikes will be able to be on the road but should be on the lookout, and adhere to, warnings about not proceeding further that plow operators will be putting up.

Get more on Trail Ridge Road, the closure and more from Rocky Mountain National Park HERE.

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