When it is a day away from payday and you have limited choices in the pantry and fridge it can be quite a struggle to get dinner on the table. Here are the top 5 recipe ideas for dinner.

Creative Dinners Day Before Payday Food Warren Price Photography

As you dread the fact that going home from work today may cause a bit more stress than normal remember, you could still be at work. Getting creative in the kitchen is a pain in the big rear, there is no doubt there, but hopefully this list will help to inspire you, and help you to take a load off.


  • Elbow noodles and ketchup... you likely have some kind of pasta, the elbow variety is not a must. And hopefully you have some spices in the cupboard. If you don't have any meat, you will be amazed how good this can actually taste
  • If you have rice you are almost there... any canned or frozen veggies left? Make a batch of rice and add the veggies and if you have any ramen season packets lying around, yes add them to the rice it will be very tasty
  • Got flour and water and eggs? Make your own noodles! How about beef broth an onion and seasonings? Make your own noodles, saute some onion in butter or oil, add the beef broth, let simmer for ten minutes and add your homemade noodles. (homemade noodles are easy... 3 cups flour, 3 Tbs water, 3 eggs and 3 Tbs melted butter (oil would work in a pinch if you have no butter), start with the flour on the counter in a volcano kind of form and add the other ingredients into the center, slowly add flour until you have it all mixed together, let is sit 10 minutes and cut into strips before adding to your broth)
  • If you have cream of something, rice or pasta (pretty sure at the end of payday you don't have any potatoes, but if so use them also or instead) veggies or even hotdogs, summer sausage, or polska kielbasa add them all together with some salt and pepper, maybe even some garlic powder
  • Going back to ramen packets... if you have full packages of ramen, cook a few of them up and add peas. If you were trying to figure out what to do with one chicken breast, boil it up and shred it into the ramen soup. This is actually quite good.

It doesn't feel very good to be so low on groceries, but with a little imagination you can come up with some great things. Think about adding the things you do have with each other and be ready to be amazed.

Remember too you can always stretch the meat that you do have by adding more rice or pasta, bread crumbs and veggies.

Happy Eating and Cheers to Payday!!!