Colorado weather is a rollercoaster: from blizzard to 60 degrees to snow... again (yes, I mean this week), but here's what you can typically expect* for the Fort Collins area. *Definitely subject to change.

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According to Weather Spark, the typical 'hot season' for Fort Collins lasts from June 7 to September 14,  with the hottest day usually falling on July 13.

The 'cold season' here lasts from November 20 to March 2 (slightly longer than the hot season, sorry). We definitely hit some super lows — like 30 below zero — in February of 2021, but on average, the coldest day of the year for Fort Collins is December 30, where the average high reaches 40 degrees.

Here's a month-by-month for you (approximately):

 Average Temperatures For Every Month in Fort Collins


Average high: 40 degrees

Average low: 20 degrees


Average high: 44 degrees

Average low: 23 degrees


Average high: 49 degrees

Average low: 26 degrees


Average high: 60 degrees

Average low: 35 degrees


Average high: 70 degrees

Average low: 45 degrees


Average high: 77 degrees

Average low: 52 degrees


Average high: 87 degrees

Average low: 60 degrees


Average high: 85 degrees

Average low: 58 degrees


Average high: 77 degrees

Average low: 51 degrees


Average high: 65 degrees

Average low: 37 degrees


Average high: 50 degrees

Average low: 27 degrees


Average high: 40 degrees

Average low: 19 degrees

You can see the full report from Weather Spark, here.

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