Garage sale season is in full-swing and the video above has some great tips for making your sale a success.

A lot of those tips could come in handy if you're selling at Colorado's Largest Yard Sale which happens this Saturday at the Outlets at Loveland.

I think the tip about cleaning is one of the most important. If you take all the dirty crap out of your basement and throw in in a box and hope people are going to give you lots of money for it, for going to be in for a bad bay.

Pricing things correctly is also a big one for me. You should have clearly marked prices on as many items as you can and you'd better adjust your prices to the demand. If you have all your clothes marked for $5 a piece and no one is even looking at them, maybe you should knock that price down to $1 or $2.

My last piece of advice for you is to not get hung up on how much something is "worth". Yes, you may have paid $125 for the kitchen gadget that is still brand new in its original box. But to someone at a garage sale it may only be worth $10. Maybe someone will come and offer you the $50 you're asking, but maybe they won't. An items worth has nothing with its original price tag, it's only worth as much as someone will pay for it.

There may come a time when you have to decide, "Would I rather have $10, or lug this thing back to my basement to sit and gather dust for another three years?"

Yard Sale!