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Tips For Having A Good Garage/Yard Sale [VIDEO]
Garage sale season is in full-swing and the video above has some great tips for making your sale a success.

A lot of those tips could come in handy if you're selling at Colorado's Largest Yard Sale which happens this Saturday at the Outlets at Loveland.
8 Amazing Yard Sale Scores [PICTURES]
Colorado's Largest Yard Sale is this weekend. Here are some great finds I found people on Instagram finding.
Classic Zeppelin vinyl. Dude.
Whatever happened to the Stray Cats?
Long live the King...
Paul’s 3 Favorite Toys He Bought Used [PICTURES]
With Colorado's Largest Yard Sale on the way, it's a good time to reflect on many of the things that we can save our money on when it comes to purchases big and small.
Some things I need to buy new. Others must be used, just because of the savings...