I'm sitting here writing this article on a Friday afternoon and it is currently 92 degrees in Fort Collins. I literally just got home from paddle boarding.

NoCo is enjoying fun in the sun this Labor Day weekend but in a surprising turn of events, we are heading back to work on Tuesday with a forecast of 43 degrees. Did I mention it's expected to snow on Tuesday?

That's right, according to the National Weather Service, snowfall is hitting Fort Collins this Tuesday with a projected low around 28 degrees.

The good news is that the Cameron Peak fire has hopefully met its match with some early Colorado snow.


  • Sunny and hot with a high of 98. Light winds are expected in the evening with a low around 56.


  • Sunny and hot with a high of 98. Up to 24 mph winds and a low of 56.


  • Sunny and hot with a high near 98. Breezy with wind gusts up to 24 mph and a low around 56..

Monday (Labor Day)

  • High around 97 with a 20 percent chance of rain and a low around 31.


  • Rain and snow expected in the morning. Rain expected by noon with a high near 43 and breezy. There's a chance of rain and snow near 11 p.m. with snow expected overnight. The low should be around 28.


  • A slight chance of snow before 9 a.m. is expected with a high near 59 and sunshine in the afternoon. There's a slight chance of rain in the evening with a projected low near 37.


  • A slight chance of rain and thunderstorms but sunny with a high near 68 and a low around 42.


  • Sunny with a high near 77.
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