Colorado’s tornado season usually begins in April with the first peak of tornado season by the end of the month.

Then in early May there is decline slightly, but between May 29th and June 7th "the probability of a tornado rapidly increases to a peak", according to Climatology of Colorado Tornadoes.

Greeley North Side Dust Devil, Dirt Tornado
Greeley North Side Dust Devil, Dirt Tornado

Research shows that tornadoes (from 1950-2012) occurred between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

The eastern plains are more known for tornadoes forming, but tornadoes can occur any time anywhere.

In fact, Colorado's own "tornado alley" consists of the area along and east of the Interstate 25 urban corridor between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

There have been five deaths attributed to tornadoes in Colorado from 1950 to 2012.

Since 1950, 53 of Colorado’s 64 counties had at least one tornado documented.

According to the Storm Prediction Center, Colorado is ranked 10th for the state with the most tornado activity, averaging 47 storms a year and over 400 tornadoes in the past 10 years. The tornado season typically starts in April and continues to August.

The Center for Disease Control recommends having a shelter or access to one and having an emergency kit that includes water and non-perishable foods, along with some medication.

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