We know there may not be that much time left in the season before the kids head back to school. But you need to find the time to take them to this hidden gem you may not know about.

I had the chance to have a "kids free" weekend with my wife this past weekend, and we headed up to Estes Park to take in everything that the area has to offer.

One thing that has always peaked our interest that we took advantage of was a jeep tour of Rocky Mountain National Park with the company Green Jeep Tours. I've always been nervous to take the drive up Trail Ridge Road and Old Fall River Road myself, knowing that the edge of the road is only a mere couple feet away (if that) and one wrong slip could lead me in the wrong direction.

So having someone else be behind the wheel while I enjoyed the scenery made the trip the most enjoyable that it could be, and it made me realize that this needs to be the next trip that I take the entire family on.

Credit: Justin Tyler

The trip was made even more enjoyable with the great tour guide we had, David. Not only was he FUN, but he also provided us with great information along the way which made the trip up the best activity my wife and I did all weekend. Did you know that the following facts are true throughout the park:

  • Did you know that the Ponderosa Pine, which is located throughout the park, has a butterscotch smell to it? It's especially pungent on the side which has the sun beating down on it.
  • Did you realize that when Old Fall River Road first opened, drivers sometimes had to gun it in REVERSE to make it up the road?

There were plenty of other facts that David shared with us while we made the trip, but I don't want to share them here as I don't want to spoil the surprise. But when you take a tour with Green Jeep Tours, definitely see if he is working and if you can request him. I can't say enough with how much his personality made the entire trip.

If you've never been up Trail Ridge Road, or are just too nervous (like myself) to make the trek, the views are some that you won't see anywhere else.

From the snow covered mountain sides...

Credit: Justin Tyler

To the panoramic view that you won't get anywhere else in Northern Colorado...

Credit: Justin Tyler

I couldn't have had a better time if I drove myself up to the top. Green Jeep Tours made the experience for my wife and I one that we have talked about since we got back home, and we definitely plan on taking our kids for the trip before Trail Ridge Road closes for the season again.

The offices for Green Jeep Tours are located at 157 Moraine Avenue in Estes Park, and if you want to take the tour yourself definitely call them or book your tour online now. You can call them at (970) 577-0034.

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