When you're stressed out, what do you do? Scream? Yell? Does the song 'Break Stuff' from Limp Bizkit play in your head with the urge to smash a glass on the ground? If the latter resonates with you when you feel like you need an outlet, I have a place in Fort Collins to tell you about.

Credit: Shatter Rage Room
Credit: Shatter Rage Room

Shatter Rage Room has been open in Fort Collins at 101 East Stuart Street since December 2020 and is family-owned and operated. At Shatter Rage Room, you can smash your way through your feelings with a baseball bat or sledgehammer. Absolutely hate your copy machine at work and want to reenact that famous scene from the movie 'Office Space'? Break something at Shatter Rage Room, it's sure to bring you some relief.

Shatter Rage Room recycles the metal pieces and as much of the electrical components as possible after they are destroyed to keep them out of the landfill. You have the option to destroy glasses, dishware, decorations, monitors, small electronics, cabinets, televisions, and more at Shatter Rage Room.

I spoke with Caitlin from Shatter Rage Room via email and she said that many people from Northern Colorado come to relieve their stress, anxiety, and even some types of trauma. Caitlin also said that most of the customers to Shatter Rage Room are females.

If you happen to have some pent-up rage and you would like to have an outlet, Shatter Rage Room may be the perfect place for you. Shatter Rage Room is also pretty great for group parties, team building, and a date night.

This Fort Collins rage room has numerous packages to choose from. There are even options to bring your own items to destroy. Maybe breaking things isn't your forte, but creating something is, you should check out the Splatter session. You don't break anything, instead, you use balls dipped in paint and do what you like. At the end of the Splatter session, you will get a 16x20 canvas to take home with you.

Sessions at the Shatter Rage Room in Fort Collins start at $20 per person depending on what you want to do. See all the packages from Shatter Rage Room HERE. Shatter Rage Room also offers slow-motion video packages, so you can relive your stress-relieving smash session.

The next time the stressors of life have you feeling some sort of way. Don't smash your work laptop... Take that stress out on something that won't get you fired at Shatter Rage Room. I know for a fact that I will one day be in that room-breaking stuff listening to Limp Bizkit.

If you would like to find out more about Shatter Rage Room, the requirements, and what is needed to participate in your own rage room session, check out all the details HERE.

Source: Shatter Rage Room 

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