A Pomeranian puppy, valued at $1,500, was stolen from Town and Country Pet Center in Loveland early Friday morning. Mark Aine, who co-owns the store with his wife Sharon, told the Reporter-Herald that two men tried to break into the building through a shed that's attached to the building, but then "destroyed" one of the building walls. With the benefit of security cameras, the Aine's were able to see the thieves cut through a boarded up window. Nothing else was stolen, although they did try to break into the cash register.

Mark Aine believes the thieves knew exactly what puppy to steal and might have been in the store Wednesday to look at the puppies and they believe they even took paperwork on the Pomeranian with them. The puppy they took was the second most valuable in the store, according to Mark.

As odd as this story is, the store has had at least 13 thefts and burglaries since 1990. Aine told the Reporter-Herald that gifts for girlfriends were the reason behind a theft of two hedgehogs from the store in 1994.

Currently, the Loveland Police Department is unable to provide information on the case due to the ongoing investigation, Sgt. Ryan Ertman told the Reporter-Herald.



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