According to The Coloradoan, there's chatter in Fort Collins about possible mountain lion sightings in the area. This past Wednesday, a call was placed to Larimer Humane Society about a possible sighting at 2600 N. College Avenue. There has also been possible sightings at Lee Martinez Park, the North College Manufactured Home Community, and the Pleasant Valley Canal in the Rossborough neighborhood near Rocky Mountain High School, according to the Coloradoan. 

The right call to make should you see a mountain lion is the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. While they haven't found any confirmed accounts in the area, they are following up on these recent potential sightings.

Should you find yourself up close to a mountain lion - or cougar - the Mountain Lion Foundation recommends the following actions:

SEEM AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE - Open your jacket, raise your hands, and wave your raised arms slowly. If you have a child with you, pick them up and hold them. The same with a pet. If you are with someone else, stand closely together.

MAKE NOISE - Yell, shout, bang whatever you have against something. Make any loud sound that cannot be confused as the sound of prey. If you speak to it, do so slowly and loudly.

ACT DEFIANT, NOT AFRAID - Maintain eye contact. Never run away from it. Don't bend over or crouch down. Remember: SEEM LARGE AS POSSIBLE. Throw stones or branches, but do not turn away.

SLOWLY CREATE DISTANCE - Look to see if you're in between the lion and its kittens or prey. Back away slowly, never turning your back. Give the lion the time and space to get away.

PROTECT YOURSELF - If the lion attacks, then all rules are off. Use whatever you got to fight back. Use your hands, rocks, jackets, tree branches, and whatever weapon you can find. Also do your best to protect your neck and throat.

It is worth noting that mountain lion attacks on humans are very rare. They are usually in search of deer, rabbits, and other natural prey. It is also worth remembering to keep you pet leashed (it's a city law), to not feed it outside, and bring them inside at night.

SOURCE: The Coloradoan/Mountain Lion Foundation

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