Getting out and seeing some shows is a part of summer. With the year flying by as fast as it is - VERY soon you'll be able to check this place out!

Here comes Denver's latest concert venue - AEG's The Mission Ballroom. Kind of an odd name (I know it caught MY attention) but then, so is Hodi's Half Note, so...

It'll be open in August of 2019 in what's called North Wynkoop- a new development in north Denver. The development will be HUGE- and the venue- versatile.

According to the informational video about Mission Ballroom, it's going to have great seating, sound, lights.. things you'd expect... AND will be able to adjust to the kind of band playing that night. It can be set up BIG for up to 4,000 fans or for as few as 2,200. It's state of the art, without question.

Plus with being in NORTH Denver, it'll be easy to get to from Northern Colorado!

They'll be announcing the first act to perform there SOON!

Get more on Mission Ballroom and North Wynkoop with this video!

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