It's not like it's in South Denver, as in it's not too far, so why? Why have I not checked out this establishment yet when I'm so intrigued?

It's been open since 2011. That's nine years I've had the opportunity to check out Williams & Graham in Denver, but haven't. That's some shame on me.

YouTube/5280 Magazine
YouTube/5280 Magazine

Williams & Graham is a speakeasy bar/restaurant in what's called the LoHi District, not far from Speer and I-25. Apparently, you initially enter into what seems like a bookstore and are then let in through a secret door behind a bookcase. 

Cool, right?

The place is very popular. Everybody loves them. They've got great drinks, attitude and food, from what I hear. It's on my 'Denver Bucket List' and has yet to be checked off.

My birthday is coming up, maybe I'll treat myself to a nice whisky after getting behind that bookcase.

Have YOU been there?

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