Well it’s almost Valentine’s Day and like most men I’m still scrambling to find that perfect gift for my wife. Now since I’m at the radio station going to the mall right now is out of the question so I am doing the next best thing…I’m surfing the net!

So I do a Google-Bing (I don’t like playing search engine favorites) looking for “Best Valentine’s Gifts” and I get almost 17 million hits in under a second, WOW!

It seems everyone has an opinion about the best and even the worst gifts for him, her, even the family pet. I’m getting my cat his very own tiara this year. This one site says chocolates are the worst gift to give while others say it’s the best gift. Another site said if I give my wife perfume she’ll think I think she smells bad. And what no card? What are these people thinking? Am I supposed to “text” my most inner personal thoughts on Valentine’s Day for AT&T to read?

On the men’s side I’m told I hate things like belts and wallets. I don’t know about you but my wife has MUCH better taste in accessories than I do. Anyway I think that’s a much better gift than a subscription to the “Pickle of the Month” club.

After all this research I think I’ve come up with the perfect gift to give my wife this Valentine’s Day. It’s the one thing most of us don’t have nearly enough of…TIME yes your time. No TV, texting, Facebook, or emails. The world can go on without me for a little while.

So no matter what you are doing for your sweetheart  this Valentine’s Day I hope you include the giving of yourself and your undivided attention. Now off to the mall I go.