I recently took a 4-day weekend to visit Montana. While there, I came across something that I did not expect to see. It had 'Colorado' written all over it.

My buddy and co-worker Cory and I went to Montana for a big event in a small town, the Bucking Horse Sale in Miles City. It's a one-of-a-kind event, where ranchers bring in their wild horses to buck, race and then be auctioned off. It's a big western weekend.

One of the traditions that we have while in town, is taking Cory's mom to the 4B's restaurant in town for breakfast.  On this trip, I was shocked to see that they had on display, a bunch of colored pictures of the one-and-only, Colorado's Casa Bonita restaurant!

Casa Bonita drawings in Montana
Dave Jensen, TSM

Turns out, that the owner of our beloved Casa Bonita (Star Buffet) owns over 20 different restaurants, including this 4Bs. Who knew? So, I guess that the folks who didn't want to venture to Denver to redeem the colored picture for a discounted kids meal, left the pictures behind to be art in the restaurant.

I thought it was awesome to see a CASA BONITA reference 500 miles from home. Pretty neat!

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