The Colorado Rockies are the second most shopped team in the country by square mileage, according to Business Insider.

SeatGeek figured out a way to see which team is being shopped the most for tickets in each state and even broke it down to counties in states.  The Colorado Rockies came in right behind the Seattle Mariners, their fan base covers 800,000 square miles of the country, which equals 168 counties.  The Colorado Rockies take over 400,000 square miles of the country of fans buying tickets.  The Rockies fans take over Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, most of Montana and parts of South Dakota and Nebraska.

The team with the most people looking for tickets is the Atlanta Braves.  They take over 515 counties outside of Atlanta, basically dominating Atlanta, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. They also take up a nice portion of Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Make sure you get your tickets today to see one of the most shopped teams in Major League Baseball (MLB).

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